Regimental History on Manoeuvres

Bagpipes belonging to Pipe Major John Buchanan

Pipe Major John Buchanan’s set of bagpipes, 1802

What an exciting couple of months we have had in the Museum with lots of interesting projects on the go. Some of these include, our Archive cataloguing project, the 1900-1929 digitalisation project, and Museum accreditation returns and planning our Summer Festival! One project you may find particularly interesting is our loans to the National Museums of Scotland for their upcoming exhibition, Wild and Majestic: Romantic Visions of Scotland. This fascinating exhibition looks at how Scotland has been represented through highland and military dress, art, literature and much more. It will be sure to spark your fascination for Scotland’s colourful history and how events of the past have shaped the country we know and love today.

The exhibition will feature five items from our collection, all of which you will recognise if you have seen our permanent displays in the past few years.

These include:

• Highland Society of London vase and silver gilt medal presented to the 42nd Regiment in 1817 to commemorate their service in Egypt

• Original drawing by Sir Benjamin West for the medal given to the Officers of the 42nd Regiment after the Battle of Alexandria

• Two sketches for the proposed medal to be given to the Officers of the 42nd Regiment, designed by Andrew Robertson

• Set of bagpipes belonging to Pipe Major John Buchanan of the 42nd Regiment which were given as a prize at a piping competition, 1802

• 1782 Gaelic declaration ‘Esdi Fheribh’; A framed proclamation stating that all Highland men are able to wear traditional Highland dress once again, after it was banned in 1746.

Each object has now been checked, packed and transported to NMS where they will be prepared for display between 29 June – 10 November 2019. Of course, we will miss them, however we are delighted that many more people will get the opportunity to see and be inspired by them in their new temporary home.

Hope Busák, The Black Watch Museum Curator

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Easter at the Castle

easter promo

Easter is nearly upon us so why not hop along to The Black Watch Castle and Museum for some cracking family fun!

From Saturday 30th March to Monday 22nd April, come and egg-splore the museum galleries to discover where the colourful Easter eggs have been hidden. Find them all and win a chocolatey prize, yum yum.

Have you ever wondered what is like to be a Museum curator? Then our kids ‘Hands on with History’ drop in event on Friday 12th April is just for you. Join us as we investigate and identify mysterious objects from the past and present.

And that’s not all….. on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April we are hosting an Easter themed crafts eggstravanganza. Drop into the Castle and get messy as we use paint, fabric, tissue paper, pens and glue to decorate boiled eggs and create egg-cellent Easter cards to take home.

The Easter celebrations would not be complete without some delicious food and drink. Gather together your friends and family to enjoy a special Easter Lunch at the Castle Cafe, served from 19th-22nd April. To book contact 01738 638152 Ex 202.

Carol-Anne MacKenzie | Learning and Audiences Officer

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Roll of Honour

Today’s Roll of Honour commemorates those who died on the 11th November 1918 and also those who died as a consequence of the First World War in the days, weeks, months and years following the signing of the Armistice. We will remember them.

S/17470 Pte James DAVIDSON 2nd Bn. 11/11/1918
S/9452 A/Cpl Robert MACKIE 1st Bn. 11/11/1918
S/13149 Pte William NICOL 2nd Bn. formerly S/15636. A.& S.H. 11/11/1918
315980 Pte James Alexander Dean TAYLOR 13th Bn. formerly 2343 Scot.Horse. 11/11/1918
203220 Pte Peter BERRY 6th Bn. 12/11/1918
S/41051 Pte John McFarlane CURRIE 6th Bn. 12/11/1918
315404 Pte Adam McEWAN 13th Bn. formerly 3075 Scot. Horse. 12/11/1918
S/4679 Pte James Thomas SMITH latterly M2/132581 R.A.S.C. 12/11/1918
315133 Pte William HOWATSON 13th Bn. formerly 4284, Scot. Horse. 13/11/1918
350730 Pte Archie BLAIR 9th Bn. 14/11/1918
203358 Pte Andrew Cumming MACKAY 9th Bn. 14/11/1918
S/41401 Pte William James McROBBIE 1st Bn. 14/11/1918
1757 Pte Duncan STRONG Latterly S43045 and 327358 Cpl. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 14/11/1918
S/27703 Pte Alexander CHALMERS 9th Bn. 15/11/1918
S/21431 Pte James STRACHAN 2nd Bn. 15/11/1918
S/25689 Pte Angus MacDONALD 13th Bn. 16/11/1918
4193 Pte Robert QUEEN 16/11/1918
268857 Pte Alex MENZIES 2nd Bn. 17/11/1918
291641 Pte Joseph GAMMAGE 7th Bn. 18/11/1918
S/17702 Pte Norval Robert GARDEN 7th Bn. 18/11/1918
T/2nd Lieut William Joseph O’Neill B KAY 2nd Bn. 19/11/1918
94 Pte James GIBSON MM 2nd Bn. 19/11/1918
S/20445 Pte Joseph Christie SHEPHERD 2nd Bn. 20/11/1918
316656 Pte Alexander MILNE formerly 1746 3rd Scottish Horse Yeomanry 25/11/1918
S/22000 L Cpl William McLAGGAN 8th Bn. 26/11/1918
3513 Pte John DAVIDSON Latterly 262482, Labour Corps. 27/11/1918
Lieut Patrick Evelyn SMYTHE 3rd Bn. (att. 2/Bn.). 30/11/1918
291166 Pte William GRAY 7th Bn. 30/11/1918
S/21658 Pte George Wilson GORDON 2nd Bn. 05/12/1918
345342 L Cpl William Thomson GREIG 14th Bn. formerly 2507, F.& F. Yeomanry. 06/12/1918
315689 Pte William PENTLAND 13th Bn. formerly 1257, Scot. Horse. 08/12/1918
9041 Pte Charles McKAIN Latterly 529480 Labour Corps. 12/12/1918
11103 Pte Edward SMITH (Also 459 Agric. Coy., Labour Corps). 12/12/1918
345660 Pte David Joseph MITCHELL 14th Bn. 14/12/1918
3048 Pte James BLACKLAWS 15/12/1918
S/25606 Pte John CARNEGIE 6th Bn. 27/12/1918
266956 Pte John Gibson ABBEY 28/12/1918
267634 Pte Thomas SPENCE 03/01/1919
S/43728 Pte Albert Edwin WRIGHT 6th Bn. 22/01/1919
S/17021 Pte Charles SCOTT 8th Bn. 29/01/1919
S/28500 Pte George McLEOD 22/02/1919
Lieut George Alex ANDERSON 4th Bn. (T.F.). 27/02/1919
1299 Pte David COOPER 2nd Bn. 05/03/1919
6541 L Cpl George WOOD latterly 373382 Labour Corps. 09/03/1919
4341 Pte Alexander SUTHERLAND latterly 35846 2nd Bn. H.L.I. 17/04/1919
600 Pte James Smith FOWLER 15/05/1919
2nd Lieut William Horn LINDSAY (att. 6th Bn.). 30/05/1919
6674 Pte Alexander MORRIN 01/06/1919
S/13148 Pte Archibald McDOUGALL 2nd Bn. formerly S/13148 A.& S.H. 28/06/1919
S/25831 Pte George BELL 8th Bn. 03/08/1919
S/7637 A/Cpl David ANDERSON 9th Bn. 17/08/1919
S/22741 Pte William ADAMSON 23/08/1919
15764 L Cpl Robert PATE 24/08/1919
S/24558 Pte William Gordon SCOTT 6th Bn. formerly 2368 Scot. Horse. 29/08/1919
315709 Pte Thomas Dow SIMPSON 13th Bn. formerly 1029 Scottish Horse. 19/10/1919
Lieut John Cairns DEAS 31/12/1919
Steward David Craik Guthrie REID (Died Demobolization). 4th Bn. 21/05/1921
2744684 Sgt Albert John Marett SELVESTER 09/06/1921
Lieut Patrick Wright ANDERSON latterly RFC and RAF 02/11/1921
130449 Cpl John Sidney SKED Formerly Scottish Horse. Latterly 425030 Labour Corps. 03/02/1925
Pte David TAYLOR Formerly Royal Scots Greys. (Unconfirmed) 29/08/1925
21092 Pte James RAE MM Also served in The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). 18/08/1927
1800 Pte James COCHRANE 19/04/1946
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Roll of Honour

315081 Pte George Chesney Wield CORSON 13th Bn. formerly 4591 Scot. Horse. 10/11/1918
293210 Pte Thomas MARSHALL latterly 365629 Labour Corps. 10/11/1918
S/21139 Pte James William MEADOWCROFT 13th Bn. 10/11/1918
S/22455 Pte John SEATH 2nd Bn. 10/11/1918
S/23103 L Cpl John Crawford WYLIE 4/5th Bn. formerly 1958 T.R. Bn. 10/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

10 Pte James ANDERSON 2nd Bn. 09/11/1918
S/5500 Pte William McAULAY 10th Bn. 09/11/1918
S/16560 Pte David SMITH 4/5th Bn. 09/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

S/43593 Pte William DAVIDSON 8th Bn. 08/11/1918
315473 L Cpl Duncan DONALD 13th Bn. formerly 4451 Scot. Horse. 08/11/1918
315612 Pte John FERGUSON 13th Bn. formerly 5729 Scottish Horse. 08/11/1918
S/5818 L Sgt William NEIL 13th Bn. 08/11/1918
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Rowley Gregg talks with our team at the Castle and Museum.


Over the past few months we have worked with the Charity Remembered to bring our own, ‘There But Not There’ installation to the Castle and Museum.

This week we talked with Rowley Gregg, Director of Operations at Remembered to find out more about the charity’s work, the impact of the ‘There But Not There’ installations and their plans for the future.

What inspires you about your role at Remembered?

I spent 7 years in the army with the Light Dragoons and completed 2 tours in Afghanistan. There are so many positives to a career in the military; I built some great friendships and it made me who I am today, but as we are now beginning to understand, the effects of conflict can be far reaching and leave service personnel with mental and physical wounds which need to be treated. I’ve seen the effects of war first hand, so to be able to run a charity and a project that is both commemorating the fallen and, crucially, raising funds for charities who carry out such valuable work supporting veterans, gives me great satisfaction and drive to do more.

Can you tell us the story behind the There But Not There installation?

It was started in a church in Penshurst, Kent, where an artist called Martin Barraud came up with an installation of 52 seated silhouettes to represent the 52 men from his village who died in the First World War. It left such an impression with those who saw it that it was decided to make it a national (and now international!) installation of remembrance, which communities can take part in. We wanted to make sure that this was a commemorative project with a positive effect today, so our Tommy figure was designed and RBLI bought on board as manufacturers, meaning we are raising money for veterans at the same time as providing employment for veterans. The Tommy figures are now in WH Smith high street stores as well as our website so we hope they are purchased far and wide in the next couple of months to help us raise money for our beneficiaries.

How you do think the public has responded to the installation?

We’ve been thrilled with the response. Almost 3,500 communities will be hosting silhouette installations and (so far!) 75,000 people have bought a Tommy to commemorate a family member of person of significance to them. All these Tommy sales make a big difference to our beneficiaries so we hope it continues to reach people.

What legacy do you hope will be achieved by There But Not There?

I hope it makes people around the country realise the true impact of the First World War on communities around the world. We want to remember for the right reasons, to make sure lessons are learned from these terrible events and looking forward, to ensure those who have been affected by conflict are looked after as I believe they should be.

What is next for Remembered?

We have some exciting plans looking into next year which we’ll announce in due course , but for now I’m just focussed on making There But Not There as successful we can and raising as much money as possible for those who need it.

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