Object of the Month – Christmas Card

From the exterior, this Christmas card is a fine example of the Regimental Christmas card still used today.

Regimentla Christmas card - frontThis card probably dates from the 1930s. The Regimental badge is central to the design.

The two images displayed inside the card illustrate its unique nature.

The image on the left, titled “42nd Royal Highlanders in Edinburgh Castle”, is taken from a print dated to 1848.

The image on the right, titled “2nd Bn. The Black Watch in Edinburgh Castle”, is taken from a photograph dated to 1936.

The differences between the two images are interesting to note: the Castle, the uniforms worn by the soldiers, and the townscape of Edinburgh. The placement of notable buildings and landscape features in the background shows that some artistic licence has been used in the 1848 print.

Regimental Christmas card - interior


About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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