Project Update: eight months in

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the fact that the blog has slowed down a bit in recent weeks – as you can probably imagine, things are fairly hectic in a Museum that is just about to reopen after a multi-million pound redevelopment! I’ve managed to steal a few moments today, however, for a quick update on what is going on at the Castle.

After a brief hiatus in the internal building works, the Museum is once again a flurry of activity as cases are constructed and installed. Very soon the Museum staff will be

installing objects in these cases – very exciting! We have a team of specialists who have been brought on board to construct mounts for the objects that are trickier to display.

A cupboard full of custom-made mounts for everything from bagpipes to firearms. They're designed to be somewhere between unnoticeable and invisible once the object is mounted.

A cupboard full of custom-made mounts for everything from bagpipes to firearms. They’re designed to be somewhere between unnoticeable and invisible once the object is mounted.

They spent several weeks in the Museum a few months ago making these mounts and some of the things they have come up with have taken no small amount of ingenuity! The mount makers are back now for the case installation to make sure that all the mounts are working as they should and to be on hand in case there any more are needed.

In the run up to the installation some of the Museum team, along with a few of our dedicated volunteers, have been hard at work cleaning objects. They have to be careful choosing what cleaning materials they use as we want to preserve the objects to give them their best shot at a long life and certainly don’t to use anything corrosive. After their careful treatment, the collection is looking fabulous – especially the medals and the Regimental silver, all of which are gleaming like new!

Those of us who aren’t cleaning are deep in what I have come to refer to in my mind as a ‘text frenzy’; or to be more specific, a ‘label frenzy’. If you’ve been to the Museum before, you’ll know that it is a fairly sizeable Museum with a lot on display. Imagine now trying to produce, edit, design, number and approve a label for every single one of those objects – yikes! For the past month, the labels for all of the objects going on display have been flying back and forth between the project curator, the editing team and the exhibition designers as we try to make sure everything is accurate and consistent. It is an intense process but certainly interesting – and satisfying, now that the end is in sight!

Members of the Museum team cleaning medals.

Members of the Museum team cleaning medals.

Meanwhile, the extension to the building is really coming along. The rooms have all taken shape and we’ve been able to go in and really picture the finished building. What never fails to impress us is how big it is! We can all remember walking around the foundations last year thinking it wasn’t nearly big enough – amazing how different it feels now that it is nearing completion.

The staff at the Castle are all so excited for the big reopening now that it is officially in sight, and we hope you are too. And I hope you’ll forgive the blog for a slow couple months!


About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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2 Responses to Project Update: eight months in

  1. Bill Davidson says:

    I Know circumstances have changed at the Museum but will there be any sort of discount for ex Black Watch Sojers?

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