Take Your Child to Work Day

by Alex M, Johnathan M, Kai F, Liam C and Alex C

Hello today is take your child to work day. Alex C, Johnathan, Kai, Alex M and Liam all visited the Museum and this is what we did.

We are here today to get experience about what we could do in the future and see what our relatives do for work.

The two Alexes got dressed up this morning in uniform.

Johnathan, Alex C, Alex M and Kai get ready to start their trail.

Johnathan, Alex C, Alex M and Kai get ready to start their trail.

We got asked to make a new trail for kids in the museum and we decided to make a trail on the theme of hats. Then we marched around the Museum taking photographs of different hats. Alex C’s favourite hat was the helmet in the Afghanistan case. Kai’s favourite was the First World War gas hood because it looked creepy. Liam’s favourite was a forage cap from the Day in the Life Gallery.

The next step was organising the photos on the computer using Microsoft Publisher. Kai did the arranging on the computer and everyone picked their favourite photo to include. Alex designed an “I love hats” logo to go on the trail. The finished trail looks like this:

The finished hat trail.

The finished hat trail.

After this was finished, volunteer Derek and archivist Richard showed us pictures and a book from the archive. We were dating the photos from the archive by the clothes the people in the photo were wearing. Most of the pictures were from the First World War. We also read a diary that was copied by someone. The person who wrote the diary was only fourteen when he died from a fever. He had been in The Black Watch in 1814. That’s only a few years older than us!

Liam, Kai and Alex M learn from Derek about dating photos.

Liam, Kai and Alex M learn from Derek about dating photos.


After looking at the archive, we had lunch. Some of us had cake in the Copper Beech Café, it was nice! Kai tried the shortbread and Alex C had an Empire biscuit. We tried to go to the park but it was raining.

After lunch we worked on our interviews with staff for school. Then we laminated the trails we had made in the morning. We laminated them so they can be reused lots of times.

Two photographers from the local press came and we had our photo taken. Now we’re finishing up our day with a blog post.

Alex M says “I learned how to date photos from what people wore.”

Liam says “I liked seeing the collections store best where they keep the objects. We saw a weird witch stick that was creepy.”

Johnathan says “My favourite part of the day was taking photos in the museum for the trail.”

Alex C says “I liked turning the wheel to make the shelves more in the store; it was fun!”

Kai says “I liked making the trail on the computer.


We all enjoyed our day!


About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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