Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Patrick Edward Adam BLAIR
Capt Percy Lionel MOUBRAY 3rd Bn. (att. 1st Bn.).
2283 Pte Albert ABEL 1st Bn.
7862 Sgt Albert AIKMAN 1st Bn.
3/2689 A/Sgt George ALEXANDER 1st Bn.
1662 L Sgt George ALLAN 1st Bn.
2199 L Cpl Thomas ANDERSON 1st Bn.
2552 Pte David ANDERSON 1st Bn.
9196 Pte William ARMSTRONG 1st Bn.
9965 Pte Walter BEVERIDGE 1st Bn.
3/1572 Pte James CLARK 1st Bn.
3/271 Pte Patrick CURRIE 1st Bn.
2742 Pte John DALY 1st Bn.
3/2685 Pte Joseph DRUMMOND 1st Bn.
3/2671 Pte James ELDER 1st Bn.
9845 L Cpl David EVANS 1st Bn.
7188 Pte Thomas FARRELL 1st Bn.
1980 Pte James FOSTER 1st Bn.
7890 L Cpl Alfred John GALLOWAY 1st Bn.
9626 Pte Peter GRANT 1st Bn.
83 Pte John GRIEVE 1st Bn.
2707 Pte William HALKETT 1st Bn.
608 Pte Gavin HARKINS 1st Bn. formerly 9893, H.L.I.
7764 Pte Andrew HENDERSON 1st Bn.
3/2007 Pte James HILLAN 1st Bn.
2726 L Cpl George HOPE 1st Bn.
9564 Pte Robert HORSBURGH 1st Bn.
2298 Pte Norman INNES 1st Bn.
3/1862 Pte James Rennie LEITCH 1st Bn.
3/2086 Pte Alexander LUMSDEN 1st Bn.
9194 Pte George McCORRACH 1st Bn.
2323 L Cpl David McINROY 2nd Bn.
8654 Pte John McKAY 1st Bn.
3/1713 Pte James McKINNON 1st Bn.
7438 Pte George McROBBIE 1st Bn.
3/961 Pte James MELVILLE 1st Bn.
9410 Pte George PENMAN 1st Bn.
2165 Pte David PHILIP 1st Bn.
8410 Pte David RITCHIE 1st Bn.
9421 Pte John SHARP 1st Bn.
2522 Pte George SIM 1st Bn.
2406 Pte Christopher SMITH 1st Bn.
7680 Pte William SMITH 1st Bn.
7405 Pte David SMITTON 1st Bn.
9881 Pte James SUTHERLAND 1st Bn.
3/2185 Pte Thomas WATSON 1st Bn.
2224 Cpl David Bertie WILL 1st Bn.
7779 Pte James WILSON 1st Bn.
2170 L Cpl Alfred WRIGHT 1st Bn.
7742 Pte Peter YOUNG 1st Bn.

About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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