Roll of Honour

2nd Lieut Alexander Sutherland LAWSON 1st Bn.
2nd Lieut Neil McNEILL
Capt James William Lennox SPROT
S/2103 Pte Thomas BELL 1st Bn.
3/2026 L Cpl David BENNISON 1st Bn.
3/1958 Pte Thomas BRADY 1st Bn.
2672 Pte James BRINELOW 1st Bn.
8082 A/Cpl Andrew BURTON 1st Bn.
2280 Pte Thomas CHRICHTON 1st Bn.
380 Pte David CHRISTISON 1st Bn.
3/1980 L Cpl Thomas CONNELLY 1st Bn.
3/9508 Pte John CONNELLY 1st Bn.
2444 L Cpl James COOK 1st Bn.
6945 Pte Thomas COULL 1st Bn.
2286 Pte Thomas CRICHTON 1st Bn.
313 Sgt George Frederick CULPIN 1st Bn.
2638 Pte Thomas CUNNISON 1st Bn.
39 Pte George DALL 1st Bn.
3/1270 Pte Robert DEWAR 1st Bn.
7271 Pte George DONALDSON 1st Bn.
1953 Pte James DUNCAN 1st Bn.
2193 Pte John Alexander GIVEN 1st Bn.
3/2081 Pte William GREIG 1st Bn.
2373 Pte James Johnston HENDERSON 1st Bn.
9238 L Cpl Peter KELLY 1st Bn.
3/2461 Pte Peter KITCHEN 1st Bn.
9655 Pte Alexander LINDSAY 1st Bn.
1510 Pte Charles LIVINGSTONE 1st Bn.
9719 Pte Robert MACKAY 1st Bn.
3/1924 Pte Peter MATTHEW 1st Bn.
5573 Pte John McALPINE 1st Bn.
2461 Pte John McDAIRMID 1st Bn.
3/2489 Pte Andrew MUNRO 1st Bn.
7062 Pte Charles NEAVE 1st Bn.
3/1513 Pte Benjamin Listed OGILVIE 1st Bn.
676 Pte George OGILVIE 1st Bn.
9831 Pte Thomas OXLEY 1st Bn.
3/2074 L Cpl Andrew PAGE 1st Bn.
587 Pte Francis RENNIE 1st Bn.
8340 Pte Henry ROBERTSON 1st Bn.
7670 Pte James ROBERTSON 1st Bn.
7524 Pte Thomas SMALL 1st Bn.
9827 Pte Alexander TODD 1st Bn.
998 Pte David TUNNAH 1st Bn.
3/2020 Pte George WHITELAW 1st Bn.

About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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