Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Griffiths, Collections Volunteer

This month we say hello to Anne who has kindly agreed to talk with us about her role and experiences as a volunteer.

Hello Anne, can you tell us how you heard about the volunteer opportunities at the Castle and Museum?

Anne Griffiths volunteers with the Collections Assistant at the Museum.

Anne Griffiths (pictured on the right) volunteers with the Collections Assistant at the Museum.

I read an article in “The Courier” about a recruitment drive for new volunteers at the Castle and Museum and I submitted an application.

What was it about the Castle and Museum that made you decide to volunteer here?

Having taken my children to visit the Museum I knew it was a fascinating and informative place. Studying the website in detail confirmed my initial impression and I was convinced that it would be an interesting place to volunteer. I am also proud that the Black Watch Regimental Headquarters and Museum is based in Perth, my home town, and I wanted to contribute in some small way to the preservation of this most impressive Regiment’s history.

Can you tell us about your volunteer role?

I am one of the volunteers who supports the Collections Assistant, sorting through documents and artefacts and ensuring that they are accurately recorded on the Museum archive computer system.

What would you say is the most interesting element of your role?

I have always loved history and having the opportunity to examine old documents and photographs brings history to life in a most special way. Every box we open contains documentation which sheds light on the experiences of the individual soldiers and personalises the history of the Regiment at important moments in time in an incredibly moving way.

What has been the highlight of your time volunteering at the Castle and Museum?

I look forward to every Thursday morning with keen anticipation as each week brings a new revelation. Every Thursday has its own highlight, whether it is a poignant letter home from the Western Front in 1915, a mint condition stamp of Hitler or a touching photograph. Unforgettable.

Has volunteering at the Castle and Museum met the expectations you had when you first arrived?

Being part of such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team has been so interesting and rewarding and volunteering has more than met my expectations.


About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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