My Work Experience by Alexandra Bullard

This excellent visitor attraction caught my eye when they offered a week’s learning experience for one individual during the summer break. I jumped at the opportunity at once and was thrilled to have landed the role to work at a place bursting with military history. My expectations were at an all-time high after reviewing the official website and absorbing all the confident reviews. Therefore, I could not wait to put my volunteering skills into place for five days.

Alexandra day 1

Alexandra spent time during the week researching the Museum’s new Handling Collection.

My first day involved getting to know The Black Watch Castle and Museum itself along with the numerous members of staff. Learning about the origins and past of the famous infantry Regiment left me speechless in so many ways, since I knew so little about The Black Watch. A wide variety of activities never left me bored, including the handling collection project which was a brilliant insight into the Regiment’s history.

The second day saw similar events, however I was always entertained by the amount of pieces of vital data that I discovered. The most significant moment was on the third day when I uncovered a very poignant World War I signature book that included multiple poems and reports dating back to 1916. This was one of the many startling yet moving feelings that I have ever endured during my experience. In addition, as I was with other staff members during these events I was able to share my findings freely with them.

Moving away from the archives and collections, my other undertakings within the museum included becoming a shop assistant at the front desk, helping within the complex financial areas and serving as a waitress for the first time within the Copper Beech Café.

With all the activities combined, they all contributed in developing my knowledge and understanding of what it is like running a high-class museum in Perth. I can definitely say that I have been deeply inspired by my work experience and it could not have been possible without the enthusiastic and ever-devoted staff that helped me in so many ways during the week. Overall, the experience was much better than I expected in many different aspects such as the amount of strong positivity and passion that was there. Hence, the reviews did indeed mirror the museum’s great level of confidence. I will be paying a visit back in the future without a doubt and I am very glad to have made lots of unforgettable memories at this very special place.



About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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