Work Experience Week

by Scott Davie

Looking through the council’s selection page on where you would want to go for your Scott Davieweek’s work experience, I thought I would do the expected of me and go to a mechanic’s or work with my uncle, a decorator. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the museums and galleries page. The only choice was The Black Watch Museum, somewhere I had visited a few times; with me being interested in military history, especially that of The Black Watch, I thought why not? And pressed apply.

After getting my pre-placement interview and a short wait I was told my place was confirmed, starting on the 21st of September. On my first day, I shadowed Shairon and Peter in the shop. It took a while to get used to the till but eventually I worked it out. Tuesday started off working with volunteers Laura and Rosemary sorting out photos from the ‘79 tour in Belize. I noticed one of my instructors from cadets was in a few photos, some of which I wish I hadn’t seen!

Working in the café was fun, which I did Tuesday afternoon and all of Thursday. The time went flying by as I was always on my feet and carrying plates.

On Wednesday I helped sort out small items which was very interesting, handling items like medals and buttons. I also helped Linda sort out some petty cash, a daunting task due to my poor maths skills but it turned out quite easy in the end. On Friday I assisted with the battle of Loos memorial service, an interesting day as many cadet instructors where there, and listening to the veterans talk about past experiences was very humbling.

The staff at the museum were all really friendly and approachable. Working with Richard at the Loos event allowed me to learn more about Loos and he debunked many myths about the War. I have really enjoyed my time here and it has opened my eyes to the possibility of me working here when I leave school. It has been a very memorable and fun experience that I will remember for many years to come.


About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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