Roll of Honour

S/8344 Pte Robert BEATTIE 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/9006 Pte Frank COOMBER 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
10267 Pte Ezra DARBY 8th Bn. formerly 58358 R.F.A. 13/07/1916
7426 Pte James DUNCAN 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/8738 Pte James FORD 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/9295 Pte Clunie GRAY 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/12700 Pte William R.M. JONES 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/4604 Pte Edward LEDGER 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/12374 Pte John Owen McDONOUGH 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
1775 Pte Alexander McHATTIE 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/6047 Pte John McPHEE 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/3205 Pte Thomas Adam Dow MILNE 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/9619 Pte John PATON latterly 5030 Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). 13/07/1916
S/7012 Pte Robert PEEBLES 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/10866 L Cpl William ROBERTSON 1st Bn. formerly 6351, 5th Res. Cav. Regt. 13/07/1916
11225 Pte Donald SINCLAIR 1st Bn. 13/07/1916
S/3266 L Cpl John STEWART 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
3/3064 Pte James THOMSON 8th Bn. 13/07/1916
S/15933 Pte John Gilbert TURNBULL 9th Bn. formerly 8710 Army Cyc. Corps. 13/07/1916
S/6278 Cpl James WILSON 8th Bn. 13/07/1916

About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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