Roll of Honour

2376 Cpl Samuel Henry BISHOP 1st Bn. 21/08/1916
1394 Sgt Alexander Nicholson CARSTAIRS 1st Bn. 21/08/1916
3/2082 L Cpl Bernard KELLY 1st Bn. 21/08/1916
S/4746 Pte William McDONALD 8th Bn. 21/08/1916
1998 Pte James McGUIRE 7th Bn. 21/08/1916
9617 A/Sgt (Piper) Dugald McLEOD 1st Bn. 21/08/1916
8804 Pte James SHAW 1st Bn. 21/08/1916
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One Response to Roll of Honour

  1. Matthew Paton says:

    RIP Dugald McLeod. Your service and sacrifice is remembered by your grateful family.

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