Roll of Honour

6357 Pte Patrick BOYLE 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
2749 Pte James BULLOCH 7th Bn. 23/10/1916
4266 Pte James CHALMERS 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
4094 Pte William CLARK 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
2869 Pte John DICK 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
4235 L Sgt Frank Rose FERGUSON 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
2497 Pte Alexander FOX 5th Bn. 23/10/1916
240813 Pte Owen GIBSON 4/5th Bn. 23/10/1916
2551 Pte Edwin GRAY 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
4130 Pte William HAXTON 7th Bn. 23/10/1916
2878 Sgt John HENDERSON 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
3598 L Cpl David JOHNSTON 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
6232 Pte William LAMONT 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
3633 Pte David Carnell LYALL 5th Bn. 23/10/1916
240343 Pte Joseph LYNCH 5th Bn. 23/10/1916
2633 Sgt Charles MOIR 5th Bn. 23/10/1916
3318 Pte Robert MUGG 5th Bn. 23/10/1916
1871 L Sgt David SINCLAIR 7th Bn. 23/10/1916
6147 Pte Alexander SINCLAIR 4th Bn. 23/10/1916
4940 Pte William TARBET 4th Bn. 23/10/1916

About blackwatchmuseum

The Museum of The Black Watch offers an insight into one of the British Army's if not the world's most famous fighting units. Scotland's Black Watch is an elite military regiment whose history stretches back almost three centuries.
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