Rowley Gregg talks with our team at the Castle and Museum.


Over the past few months we have worked with the Charity Remembered to bring our own, ‘There But Not There’ installation to the Castle and Museum.

This week we talked with Rowley Gregg, Director of Operations at Remembered to find out more about the charity’s work, the impact of the ‘There But Not There’ installations and their plans for the future.

What inspires you about your role at Remembered?

I spent 7 years in the army with the Light Dragoons and completed 2 tours in Afghanistan. There are so many positives to a career in the military; I built some great friendships and it made me who I am today, but as we are now beginning to understand, the effects of conflict can be far reaching and leave service personnel with mental and physical wounds which need to be treated. I’ve seen the effects of war first hand, so to be able to run a charity and a project that is both commemorating the fallen and, crucially, raising funds for charities who carry out such valuable work supporting veterans, gives me great satisfaction and drive to do more.

Can you tell us the story behind the There But Not There installation?

It was started in a church in Penshurst, Kent, where an artist called Martin Barraud came up with an installation of 52 seated silhouettes to represent the 52 men from his village who died in the First World War. It left such an impression with those who saw it that it was decided to make it a national (and now international!) installation of remembrance, which communities can take part in. We wanted to make sure that this was a commemorative project with a positive effect today, so our Tommy figure was designed and RBLI bought on board as manufacturers, meaning we are raising money for veterans at the same time as providing employment for veterans. The Tommy figures are now in WH Smith high street stores as well as our website so we hope they are purchased far and wide in the next couple of months to help us raise money for our beneficiaries.

How you do think the public has responded to the installation?

We’ve been thrilled with the response. Almost 3,500 communities will be hosting silhouette installations and (so far!) 75,000 people have bought a Tommy to commemorate a family member of person of significance to them. All these Tommy sales make a big difference to our beneficiaries so we hope it continues to reach people.

What legacy do you hope will be achieved by There But Not There?

I hope it makes people around the country realise the true impact of the First World War on communities around the world. We want to remember for the right reasons, to make sure lessons are learned from these terrible events and looking forward, to ensure those who have been affected by conflict are looked after as I believe they should be.

What is next for Remembered?

We have some exciting plans looking into next year which we’ll announce in due course , but for now I’m just focussed on making There But Not There as successful we can and raising as much money as possible for those who need it.

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Roll of Honour

S/17161 Pte Thomas McGill CAMPBELL 1st Bn. formerly 1444 Scot. Horse. 07/11/1918
315752 Pte James MacNICOL 13th Bn. formerly 3882 Scot. Horse. 07/11/1918
266450 Pte Archibald McPHERSON 6th Bn. 07/11/1918
S/22273 Pte Duncan STEWART 2nd Bn. 07/11/1918
S/15059 Pte Charles STURROCK 2nd Bn. 07/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

316753 Pte David PATTERSON 13th Bn. formerly 1532 Scot. Horse. 06/11/1918
S/8798 A/L Cpl John PENMAN 2nd Bn. 06/11/1918
315755 L Cpl John STEWART 13th Bn. formerly 4319 Scot. Horse. 06/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

315084 Pte Henry Gibson CRAIG 13th Bn. formerly 4685 Scot. Horse. 05/11/1918
2046 L Cpl John LEITCH 1st Bn. 05/11/1918
291301 Pte Duncan MORGAN 7th Bn. 05/11/1918
292129 Pte James NESS latterly 137307 R.A.M.C. 05/11/1918
S/25251 Pte James ORR 9th Bn. 05/11/1918
315776 A/Sgt John ROBERTSON 13th Bn. formerly 4884, Scot. Horse. 05/11/1918
315219 Pte John Cowan SNODGRASS 13th Bn. formerly 4379 Scot. Horse. 05/11/1918
S/5536 Pte John SUMMERS 1st Bn. 05/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

S/17202 Pte William Smellie ADAIR 13th Bn. formerly 1680 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
316434 Pte James Young AIRD 13th Bn. formerly 1554 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315494 L Cpl James ALLAN 13th Bn. formerly 1370 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
S/16924 Pte William BERRY 1st Bn. 04/11/1918
S/25808 Pte George Edward BRAND 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
315072 Pte Kenneth CAMERON 13th Bn. formerly 4595 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
316474 Pte Archibald CAMPBELL 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
315590 L Cpl John William CLARK 13th Bn. formerly 6025 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315826 Pte Charles CRAIG 13th Bn. formerly 5582 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315083 Pte Alexander CRERAR 13th Bn. formerly 3644 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315744 L Cpl David DOBBIE 13th Bn. formerly 4371 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
5733 Pte Nathan DUTHIE latterly 76209 Posted 1/4th London Regt. The Royal Fusiliers. (City of London). 04/11/1918
S/25634 Pte Francis FARMER 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
315845 Pte Edwin Rayner FARQUHAR 13th Bn. formerly 5744 Scottish Horse. 04/11/1918
S/25778 Pte Charles FINLAY 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
S/5296 Pte William HAMILTON 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
293081 Pte William HAUCHIE 1st Bn. 04/11/1918
21049 Pte Daniel HAWKES 1st Bn. formerly 21039, R.A.S.C. 04/11/1918
S/17500 Pte John HAY 2nd Bn. 04/11/1918
316585 Sgt George HENDRY 13th Bn. formerly 1277, Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
S/25644 Pte David HORNE 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
S/2984 Pte David INGLIS 1st Bn. 04/11/1918
315495 L Cpl Alfred KNOX 13th Bn. formerly 226, Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315022 Sgt James Brownlee LAIDLAW 13th Bn. formerly 3918, Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315884 Pte Lisle LATHAN 13th Bn. formerly 5948 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315648 Pte Alexander LIDDELL 13th Bn. formerly 6008 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
S/25699 Pte James MacDONALD 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
316688 Pte Archibald MacDOUGALL 13th Bn. formerly 4092 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
316638 Pte Allan MACKIE 13th Bn. formerly 1536, Scot.Horse. 04/11/1918
315406 Pte Charles McDADE 13th Bn. formerly 4665 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
S/25702 Pte William McGREGOR 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
315387 Pte Neil McKINNON 13th Bn. formerly 4084, Scot.Horse. 04/11/1918
S/17965 Pte Robert Esplin MILNE 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
290809 Pte John MORRISON 7th Bn. 04/11/1918
S/25995 Pte William MUIR 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
S/16319 Pte James PARK latterly S/40851. 3rd (Res.) Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 04/11/1918
S/18850 Pte William PATON 1st Bn. 04/11/1918
S/10876 Pte Robert RITCHIE latterly S/17318, 1st Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 04/11/1918
315431 Pte William James ROBERTSON 13th Bn. formerly 4473, Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315490 Pte Robert SINCLAIR 13th Bn. formerly 4661 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
316834 Pte William STEPHENSON 13th Bn. formerly 2012 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315226 Pte James STURROCK 13th Bn. formerly 4423 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
268260 Pte William SUTHERLAND 1st Bn. formerly 6672 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
S/14199 Pte William Black THOMSON 13th Bn. 04/11/1918
315462 Pte James WATSON 13th Bn. formerly 4623 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
315047 A/Cpl John Alexander WRIGHT 13th Bn. formerly 4058 Scot. Horse. 04/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

290768 Pte Robert BROWN 7th Bn. 03/11/1918
3246 Pte John CALDWELL latterly 377779 Labour Corps. 03/11/1918
3488 Pte Alexander GIBB latterly 240142 43rd Garrison Bn. The Royal Fusiliers (City of London). 03/11/1918
S/21389 Pte William GRAHAM 2nd Bn. 03/11/1918
351522 Pte William HERD 9th Bn. formerly 1055, Seaforth High. 03/11/1918
17362 Cpl William Alexander HORNER latterly 28086, 8th Bn. Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. 03/11/1918
240038 Pte John STEWART 4/5th Bn. 03/11/1918
S/12575 Pte John TAYLOR latterly S/43162 2nd Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 03/11/1918
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Roll of Honour

S/41815 Pte William Smith COPLAND 6th Bn. formerly S/41233 Gordon High. 02/11/1918
S/5351 L Cpl William DICK MM 9th Bn. 02/11/1918
S/4537 Pte Thomas KERR 7th Bn. 02/11/1918
462 Pte George WILSON 1st Bn. 02/11/1918
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